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The Canadian Bloodhound Club would like to invite any and all Bloodhound lovers to join us in our unending quest for the betterment of the breed.

It matters not if you are a breeder, show person or in the majority by being a Bloodhound owner but have had past experience with the breed WE WANT YOU!

By joining the CBC you will have a say in how we, as a Breed Club go about; promoting the breed to the public,  when we review the Standard, how we deal with Rescues and much more. You will also be kept up-to-date on the latest Health concerns, who is winning in the show ring, upcoming events for the breed and more through our bi-annual newsletter, Bloodhounds North.  Most importantly the club needs participating members.
By joining you could serve on one of our many committees and have a real impact on the breed in your chosen area. This Breed and the CBC welcome you. With growth in members our club can grow. If you have a bloodhound or love the breed and you do not know any current members that can sponsor you please contact one of our executive listed on the Club info page.