The Club

1. The encouragement and development of pure-bred Bloodhounds

2. To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Bloodhounds and to improve and protect the breed.

3. To help further the advancement of Bloodhounds by encouraging and promoting communications among Bloodhound members, breeders, and all those interested in the breed.

4. To conduct Bloodhound sanctioned matches, specialty shows, booster shows, tracking tests, and obedience trials under the rules of The Canadian Kennel Club and to encourage sportsman-like competition.

5. To encourage and promote the training of Bloodhounds for mantrailing, law enforcement and search & rescue work.

6. To provide for rescue and placement of lost or abandoned Bloodhounds.

7. To collect, preserve and publish data and information relating to the Bloodhound breed.

8 .To provide the public with education on the Bloodhound breed.


President  :  Maggie-Lynn Pan,

Vice-President : Veronica Mercer,

Treasurer :  Sharon McKinnon ,

Secretary : Tiffany Walter,

Past President : Tammy Arseneau,


Alberta & British Columbia : Jessica Paradis,

Ontario :  Kathy Reid,

Quebec : Heather Whitcomb,

Atlantic : Vacant