CONSTITUTION as of the YEAR 2006


Section 1

The name of the club shall be “The Canadian Bloodhound Club” hereinafter referred to as the Club.
1.The Clubs area of operation will be within the Canadian borders.

Section 2

The objectives of the Club shall be:
1.the encouragement and development of pure-bred Bloodhounds encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Bloodhounds and to improve and protect the breed. help further the advancement of Bloodhounds by encouraging and promoting communications among Bloodhound members, breeders, and all those interested in the breed. conduct Bloodhound sanctioned matches, specialty shows, booster shows, tracking tests, and obedience trials under the rules of The Canadian Kennel Club and to encourage sportsman-like competition. encourage and promote the training of Bloodhounds for mantrailing, law enforcement and search & rescue work. provide for rescue and placement of lost or abandoned Bloodhounds. collect, preserve and publish data and information relating to the Bloodhound breed. provide the public with education on the Bloodhound breed.



Each applicant must apply yearly on a Canadian Bloodhound Club approved application form which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution/Bylaws and Rules of the Club, including the Code of Ethics. The Club year will run from January 1st to December 31st. The application shall state the name and address of the applicant and his/her prospective interests in the breed club. New membership applicants shall be sponsored by an active member in good standing with The Canadian Bloodhound Club.

Each prospective member shall submit their current yearly dues with each application for his/her membership status to be valid and duly processed.

There shall be four types of membership:
1.ACTIVE MEMBERS: Individual or family memberships shall be open to all persons of legal age who subscribe to the ideals, objectives and purposes of this Club. An individual or family membership in good standing shall have one vote.

1.JUNIOR MEMBERS: Junior memberships shall be open to those under legal age. Junior members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership except that of voting and holding office.
1.HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS: Individuals who constitute, perform or achieve some outstanding service in the interests of Bloodhounds shall be elected to Honorary Life Membership by a 2/3 majority vote, by mail of the Board of Directors. The Honorary Life Member shall enjoy all the privileges of membership for life.

1.NEW MEMBERS: Applications for New Members will be presented to the General Membership via mail for a 30 day approval waiting period. If no objections to the new applicant are received within 30 days of publishing the new applicant’s request to join the club, then the new applicant will be duly processed by the membership chairperson and welcomed as a new member of the Canadian Bloodhound Club. This new member shall receive full voting privileges as an active member in good standing with the Canadian Bloodhound Club.

If any member of The Club opposes a new applicant’s request to join the club, the full board of directors will investigate the reasons and vote accordingly to approve or disapprove the new member applicant. A majority board vote is required for approval when opposition to a new membership has been tabled. Any individual rejected for membership by the Club must be provided with a written explanation.

Section 2: DUES

Initiation dues for membership must accompany the application for membership and shall be accepted as payment of dues for the year. The amount of the annual dues for memberships shall be set by the Executive who will consider the economic situation of the Club, at the time, and make their decisions accordingly.

Annual dues are to be paid in full on or before January 1st of each year to the Club Treasurer.

Honorary Life members shall be exempt from payment of initiation dues or annual dues.


Memberships may be terminated by:

(a) Termination of membership may occur as a result of resignation, failure to renew, expulsion by the club, or as a result of deprivation, suspension, debarment, expulsion or termination of Canadian Kennel Club membership as imposed by The Canadian Kennel Club’s Discipline Committee.


Section 1: OFFICERS

The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Club Officers consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
1.The President shall conduct all Club meetings in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club.
2.The Vice President shall replace the President in all cases where the President is unable to act.
3.The Secretary and Treasurer shall keep such records and perform such duties as may be required by the Directors and Officers. When a new Secretary and Treasurer are vote in, all files and bank accounts will be transferred to the new directors and officers in charge within 30 days of the election.


The Executive of the Club shall consists of the above four officers together with the immediate Past President only.
1.The immediate Past President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors for one election term after his/her term of office so that a tie vote does not occur by four Executive Officers only.
2.The Executive shall establish committees. However, the membership at large should decide individual heads per committee. These individuals will be responsible for selecting their own teams. Committee heads and committee members shall be published with their functions and will report to the Executive. Committees struck by the Executive will remain in effect until the objectives of the committee as set out by the sitting Executive have been reached.


The Board of Directors will consist of the officers of the club, plus a minimum of four (4) Regional Directors, representing a minimum of the four (4) of the six (6) regions across Canada. They must reside in the area they represent and are elected by the membership in that area.


The Club will have a separate and independent bank account in the name of the Club and all cheques drawn from the Club account must have the signature of a minimum of two (2) officers and naming the office.

Section 5: VACANCIES

Any vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors during a fiscal year shall be filled until the next term election by a majority vote of all members of the Board. In the event that a vacancy occurs during a fiscal year for the position of Past President, a previous Past President will be given the first opportunity to fill this vacant position. If a Past President is unable to fill this vacancy, a person with tenure membership in good standing with the Canadian Bloodhound Club may be voted in by the total Board of Directors to fill this tie-breaking Executive vote position.


Section 1: FISCAL YEAR

The financial year of the Club shall commence on the 1st day of January and shall conclude on the 31st day of December following.

1.No person may be a candidate in a Club election who has not been nominated. Any Officer seeking re-election must be re-nominated.
2.Nominations shall be open to all active members in good standing at the time of nomination.
3.Nominations will be accepted for all elected positions for each Term of Office period.
4.Nominations are to be made at the Club’s Annual General Meeting or by mail, to the Nominating Chairperson. All voting members are eligible to nominate a club member in good standing with the CBC. All nominations are to be received by the Nominating Chairperson by the 2nd week of October. In the event of a mail-strike, nomination deadlines will be postponed to a future date set by a majority vote of the Executive currently in power.
5.No active member shall nominate him/herself for any position.

Section 3: ELECTIONS

All elections are to be carried out by mail. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot and voting by proxy is not permitted. The ballots shall be returned to, and counted by, a Canadian Kennel Club Director by the 2nd week of November. In the event of a mail strike, elections will be postponed to a future date set by a majority of the Executive currently in power.
1.Candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.
2.Elected officials shall take office effective January 1st of the Term of Office period for which the Officer was elected.

1.The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected from among active members in good standing and shall hold office for a two year term period from January 1st until their successors are duly elected. The executive for each two year term shall be comprised of at least one experienced officer (having served at least one elected term), when new executive officers are voted into their executive positions for the first time. In the case of where there is only one member in a given region, then that member may be voted in by acclamation as Regional Director if he/she decides to stand for office as Regional Director. Any member of the Board of Directors, (Executive Officers and Regional Directors) may resign at any time during his/her term of office. Such resignations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary and shall take effect forthwith.
2.No member of the Executive shall hold the same office for more than two terms in succession.
3.Each Officer and/or Director shall have on vote at all meetings.



The Club shall hold an Annual General Membership Meeting open to all Club Members in good standing. The meeting shall be held in conjunction with any of the Club’s shows and/or in a location accepted by the majority vote of the Board of Directors and Executive. All members in good standing shall receive a notice of the Annual General Meeting prior to 30 days of its date. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 20% of the active members in good standing.


Special Club meetings may be called by the President, by a majority vote of members of the Board who are present at a meeting of the Board, or who vote by mail, or shall be called by the Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by 5 members in good standing. Such meetings shall be held at such place, date, and hour as may be designated by the Board of Directors. Written notice of such a meeting shall be mailed by the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the date of the meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 20% of active members in good standing.


The Executive and/or Board of Directors shall meet via conference call and/or via mail, or in person not less than 3 times per fiscal year during their term of office.

Section 4: The Board of Directors may conduct its business by mail through the Secretary.

Section 5: VOTING
1.Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at any membership meeting of the Club open to all members. The Executive will inform the general membership, 30 days in advance of such a meeting if issues to be discussed demand a full membership vote, allowing for absentee voting by mail or fax prior to such a meeting. The members can communicate their vote to a member assigned by the Executive for such a vote.
2.No member of the Club, the Board or the Executive shall on his/her own have any veto power in voting.
3.Any present Family memberships in good standing shall be entitled to one vote only.


The order of business so far as the character and nature of the meeting may permit, shall be as follows …
3.Report of the President
4.Report of the Vice President
5.Report of the Secretary
6.Report of the Treasurer
7.Report of the Committees
8.Nominations of Officers & Directors
10.Unfinished and old business
11.New business
12.Adjournment or discussions at the discretion of the Board of Directors


1.Any member of the Club who is suspended, debarred, deprived, expelled, or whose membership has been terminated by The Canadian Kennel Club’s Discipline Committee, shall be suspended from the privileges of the Club for a like period.
2.A disciplinary board shall consist of all elected Board Members (Elected Executive and Regional Directors) in good standing during a calendar year and an elected disciplinary committee chairperson elected yearly from the general membership at large to head this committee.


In the event that a member has a complaint against another member for misconduct prejudicial to the best interest of the Club or the Breed, a written complaint and/or charges must be sent to the Secretary and Disciplinary Committee Chairperson. The Secretary and/or Disciplinary Committee Chairperson shall promptly send a copy to each member of the Board of Directors. If the Board and Disciplinary Committee Chairperson agree that discipline action is indicated then the member being charged will be sent a copy of the complaint and/or charges and shall be instructed to respond to the Secretary and/or Disciplinary Chairperson in writing within 30 days. The Secretary and/or Disciplinary Chairperson will then fix a date of hearing with the Board of Directors. The defendant may personally appear in his/her own defense and bring witnesses if he/she wishes.


The majority required to take any disciplinary action if 4/5ths of the Disciplinary Board. Discipline can be in the form of a reprimand, suspension, or total expulsion. The disciplinary action will take place as soon as possible, if any is required.

The General Membership and the CKC will be given a complete report on any disciplinary action. Any member that has been charged with cruelty to animals will automatically be debarred from the Club, with no privileges. The CKC will be notified with a complete report.


Section 1:

Amendments and alterations to the Constitution and Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive or by a written petition addressed to the Secretary and signed by a majority of the active members in good standing.

The Amendments proposed by such a petition shall be promptly considered by the Executive and must be submitted to the membership, via bulletin or newsletter, for comments or suggestions, through the Secretary, to the Executive, within 30 days of the date it was received. In the event of a mail strike the same procedure will be followed as in all other Club voting. The Executive then has the power to extend the time period to a future date but it must be acted upon within 30 days after such a mail strike has ended. A final draft will be submitted to the membership for a vote within 30 days of the date it was received.

Section 2:

The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended and/or altered by a 2/3 vote of all active members in good standing. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Voting to take place by mail to the Club Secretary and/or assigned Club Constitution/Bylaws Committee chairperson.

Amendments to the breed standard must have 2/3 vote of those ballots cast. Voting must be by mail-in ballot; proxies are not permitted.


Section 1:

The Club may be dissolved any time by providing to The Canadian Kennel Club written documentation signed by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members of that Club who are in favor of this decision; proxies are not permitted. In the event of the dissolution of the club, other than for purposes of reorganization, whether voluntary or involuntary or by operation of law, none of the property of the club, nor any proceeds thereof, nor any assets of the club shall be distributed to any members of the Club. After payment of the debts of the Club, its property and assets shall be given to a charitable organization for the benefit of dogs as selected by the Board.

1. Members will consider the welfare of their dogs and that of the breed above any personal gain.
2.Members will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner representative of the principles upon which the Canadian Bloodhound Club is founded. Members will demonstrate good sportsmanship in the conformation and obedience ring and at field events. Members will not speak unjustly and without cause of others involved in the breed.
3.Members will pledge to help educate the public as to the attributes of the Bloodhound and will help educate the novice whenever and wherever they can with training, breeding and in general care.
4.Members will attempt, as breeders to breed for improvement of the breed as exemplified by the Canadian Kennel Club Standard.
5.Members shall breed selectively by mating only sound dogs of good type according to the CKC Bloodhound Standard and with natural ability to reduce faults to a minimum and thereby attempt to produce puppies with these attributes that will be a credit to the breed.
6.Members will keep accurate and complete records of their stock, their matings and their pedigrees.
7.Members shall, when breeding: mate only healthy, mature animals of sound temperament, which can be guaranteed to be registered or registerable with the CKC, free of clearly defined and understood congenital defects, and free of other permanent disqualifying faults set out in the Official Standards of the CKC.
8.a) Members will refuse to have a commercial relationship with unethical breeders, pet shops or wholesalers, and will attempt to place puppies in a home with adequate facilities where they will receive proper attention and care.

b) Members who knowingly deal with said groups shall be subject to discipline under Article V of the Club by-laws.
9.Members will maintain the best possible standards of health and care in all their dogs and will sell puppies that are healthy, free of parasites, with the required immunization and are properly identified by tattoo or microchip (Canadian bred dogs) and will not sell dogs before they are 8 weeks old.
10.Members will maintain and pass onto purchasers factual health, breeding and registration records and will furnish a Canadian Kennel Club registration certificate as promptly as possible. A three-generation pedigree shall also be furnished to each purchaser. In cases where, because of heredity faults or because of the nature of the sale or at the discretion of the breeder, a non-breeding contract and its terms should be fully and fairly explained to the purchaser. A written agreement containing the terms and conditions, upon which the non-breeding agreement may be released, as well as the conditions of sale and guarantees, will be entered into and signed by both parties. The purchaser will be furnished with completed copies of all agreements immediately.
11.Members will advise purchasers of any faults, as listed in the standard that the dog may have.
12.a) Members will urge the purchaser to have any puppy or adult examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt. A period of 48 hours is granted to return any dog sold, for reasons of health, provided a signed veterinarian’s health certificate is presented.

b) The Breeder must take full responsibility for said puppy/dog. If resale/adoption occurs, full disclosure to medical/psychological problems must be presented to the new owners. If the puppy/dog is placed in the rescue system the breeder and sire owner will be help responsible for either taking the dog back or aiding the rescue system financially in finding a new home.
13. Members will advertise in an honest and fair manner and will not misrepresent themselves or their stock.